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Christian Marriage

Each day we walk through the Bible chapter by chapter making an application of our text to help us grow in the Lord. Many applications can be made from each day's text. Today we continue the book of 1st Corinthians with Chapter 7 and in our text we see Paul answering questions in the Church as he addresses Christian Marriage. In making application we see that God has a plan for marriage, He knows what you need and will bring you the right spouse in His timing. Today the world has a plan for marriage that is based on human reasoning and emotions but God has plan for your life that will meet all the needs and expectations that the Lord has placed in you. How about you? Do you see that God has Plan for your life that involves marriage. How about you? Do you see that God has a plan for your marriage? Let us learn from our text today and the instruction from Paul to see that God loves you, He has a plan for your Marriage, and He will fulfill this plan as we wait seek Him and wait on His choice for our lives.

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