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Work in Unity

Each day we walk through the Bible chapter by chapter making an application of our text to help us grow in the Lord. Many applications can be made from each day's text. Today we start the book of 1st Corinthians with Chapter 1 and in our text we see Paul addressing the Corinthian Church and the problems they are having. Here Paul greets them, give thanks to God for them, appeals for harmony in the body, and preaches Christ. In making application we see the importance in unity in the Church among the body of Christ. Today we have many personalities in the body with different levels of spiritual maturity so we should apply God's Word to work together in unity. How about you? Do you purpose to work with the Body in unity? Let us learn from our text today and the instruction of Paul to the Church at Corinth to work within the body in unity to do the Will of God.

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