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U.S.B.S: Newsletter

2019 January Newsletter

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Hello Friends of the U.S.& Global Bible Society, 


     As we approach a New Year my mind is filled with Goals and Aspirations of Optimism. Looking back we continue to see Growth and Looking Forward the Lord has Placed More Challenges before Us with a New Radio/YouTube Program to Reach More folks on Radio in Atlanta. A Plan to Expand Our New Headquarters at Our Home Church in Conyers, Ga. Our New Custom Printed Bible from Tyndal House that has been made to Our Specifications with a Large Print in the Works as We Speak. From Our Prayer Team who Daily Goes to the Lord in Prayer for this Ministry, To Our Mission team who Takes the Gospel to Large Events, to Our Chaplin who Faithfully Counsels and Disciples Converts, To Our Translation Coalition Team that is Translating the Bible into Every Language with a Completion Date of 2025 in Focus. One thread is woven between all we do, the Need to Redeem the Time our Lord has Given Us to Allow Him to Have Full Access of Us to Do His Will in these Last Days. You are a Vital Part of this Ministry, Every Redeemed Prayer, Every Redeemed Financial Gift, Every Action and Reaction as a Partner of this Work is Placing in Motion the Greatest Move of God that We have Ever Seen. His Will is Being Done, His Kingdom is Coming and If the Lord should allow us this Year our Focus and Vision need to be, "Redeeming the Time for the Days are Evil"  Thank You for what you have allowed the Lord to do through You and Thank You in Advance for what the Lord Will Do Through You in 2019.

Contact Me with any Questions or Comments at 



Dr. David Burnette

Director, The United States Bible Society, Inc.

Ministry Results

December Results


2,237,024 Web Hits 

275 Souls Saved

2,162 Bibles Distributed

3,221 Tracts Distributed

2,308,508 Devotions EMail

74,468 Subscribers EMail

2,962 Unfunded Request

2018 Results


63,205,820 Web Hits

2,774 Souls Saved

25,944 Bibles Distributed

30,047 Tracts Distributed

24,410,115 Devotions EMail

74,468 Subscribers EMail

35,544 Unfunded Requests

Ministry Results


171,293,712 Web Hits

63,071 Souls Saved

463,261 Bibles Distributed

3,234,447 Tracts Distributed 

93,406,909 Devotions EMail

74,46857 Subscribers EMail 
4,257,763 Unfunded Requests

Ministry Needs

1) Funds for a Larger Building to Expand the Ministry. 

2) Funds for Our New Ministry Bible.

Ministry Finances


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