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Hello Friends, My Name is David Burnette, Director ofUSBibleSociety.com a 501(c)3 Ministry that distributes Free Bibles to those in need who contact us. We Currently distribute an  average of 3000 Bibles a Month but are not reaching 100% of the Bibles Requested. This  growth has us restructuring our Method and We Need Your Help. 


Our Current Method

1) We receive a Bible Request

2) We contact a Church in their Zip Code

3) The CHURCH then gets a Bible and Contacts them to pick it up at their Church.

4) Our Goal is to connect the Requester with the Word and a local Church. 

The Challenge: 

1) Even though we explain the Process the Bible Requester has a problem understanding the system 

2) Many Churches are not prepared to help and follow through 

3) Many 3rd World requests go unfulfilled due to a shortage of local Churches


Our New Method 

1) We receive a Bible Request

2) We Supply and Ship the Bible to the Requester.

3) We will make a Book Mark telling that YOUR CHURCH Provided the Bible for them. 

4) We will include the book mark with YOUR CHURCH in their Bible.

The Challenge:

1) The Cost, we will need each Church to give $25 a month to cover the costs of Bibles, Shipping, and Printing.


Can Your Church Help? Please Fill Out the Form to Claim Your Zip Code.

The United States Bible Society

a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization

3275 Iris Drive

Conyers, Ga. 30013

Toll Free Phone: (855)5Bi-bles​

e-mail: info@USBibleSociety.com

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​​Ministry Results as of  1-1-19​​

​63,071 Souls Saved

1,463,261 Bibles Distributed

3,234,447 Tracts Distributed

93,406,909 Devotions Distributed

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4,381,311 2013 Web Hits

11,093,521 2014 Web Hits

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