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No, I Have Not Received A Bible

Hello Friend,

It has been 30 days since we received you Bible Request. Please follow the steps to your right so we can better help you  receive a Bible. Your Request was sent to one of our Church Partners and we are updating our files to make sure you receive a Bible. Currently we have a 60% success rate for meeting Requests and are working every day to hit our goal of a 100% success rate. If we can't meet your need for a Printed Bible the WE CAN meet your need for a Bible with a Downloadable Bible or an Online Bible listed under the Buttons Below. Thank You for letting us know the status of your order..

1) Please Check Your Junk E-Mail

Please check you junk email folder. When your request is placed it is sent to the closest Church Partner or Ministry Partner that makes up this Bible Society. Most of our Partners will then send you and email attempting to make arrangements to give you the Bible. Sometimes their correspondence ends up in your Junk Email because it contains a link. If you see the contact simply respond to the link provided.

2) Please Verify Your Information

Many requests come back with missing or wrong information. Please Fill out the form below, we will match it to your original request, and reapply your request to one of our Church Partners who will contact you by Email or Phone with the Bible you Requested.

Your details were sent successfully!

3) What is Next

Please be patient. We did Reapply your Request so give the request 30 days to recycle. If that is unsuccessful please Reapply every 6 months as our network is growing daily. We understand you want a Paper copy of the Bible and we are doing all we can to meet your need but we can meet your need for a Bible with an Electronic Form by either an Online Bible, Bible Download. Click the Buttons to the left to access these free Bibles. We are praying for you all.



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